Utopian Coffee - Obsidian - Organic
Utopian Coffee - Obsidian - Organic
Utopian Coffee - Obsidian - Organic

Utopian Coffee - Obsidian - Organic

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Far too often, dark roasts have very little flavor because they are completely carbonized. These coffees taste ashy, bitter, flat, and are rarely worth getting excited about.

Bold coffee that pairs well with dessert or the campfire. It's roasty but never burnt. Burnt Caramel, Roasted Nuts, Molassas.


PRODUCER: Utopian Partnerships

PROCESS: Washed 

We believe in a different standard for our dark roasts. Our roasting process promises all the aspects you love about dark roasts while minimizing the bitterness or ashy flavors you’re used to. Imagine everything you love about a dark roast, done better. You’re welcome.


Converting Cocaine Farms to Coffee Farms

Together, we can improve lives. One farm at a time.

Today, that passion for both the craft of coffee and the care of people form the strong foundation of the company. What began as cultural intrigue has evolved into an intentional commitment to invest in and learn from coffee producers around the world.

Your purchase helps to elevate our farming partners as we strive to support their goals and dreams to create a sustainable supply chain that honors people and the environment. We’re honored to get to be a part of this work and humbled that you’ve chosen to join us on the journey. Thank you!


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