Welcome to our Yoga Shala

Welcome to our Yoga Shala

If you asked 100 people what the word “yoga” means you may get 100 different answers. At The Iron Cactus, we are striving to teach and demonstrate what the meaning of the word “yoga” is.

We believe yoga is about acceptance, peace, joy, groundedness, spirit, God, a spiritual journey, self-realization, giving back, love, light, breath, movement, and meditation. Question for you, did you actually just read those words or did you skim over them like most of us do? (smile) We believe these words equal LIFE. One of our top desires is to help make these words meaningful and impactful in your life, and our own.

We encourage all who attend a yoga class or anywhere on the property to encompass some, dare we say all, of these very important and impactful words. Maybe try setting an intention for your class with one of these words. It’s impactful.

“I don’t know if I can do it” - “Everyone is looking at me” - “I’m not good at it”

We’re here to tell you > You.Have.Done.Harder.Things!!  

All are invited to every class, beginners and seasoned. Will some classes be challenging? Of course, but that’s how we grow. And may we remind you, you-have-done-harder-things. We list class descriptions for every class in the scheduling section. Please check them out and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask us.

There’s a gentle kind of prayer that begins in the heart.

Our Yoga Instructors

Janelle LaBrie

Janelle LaBrie is a YTT-200 & received her certification as a reiki master in 2016. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Umass Lowell and has spent the last 8 years in the fitness industry, coaching women in wellness and healthy habits. Her passion has evolved to creating a healthy mindset and helping women to create a life they are in love with, find true contentment & presence and she created a digital course called “The Magic of You” which focuses on self love and habits to instill to create that in one’s life. She is also the creator of “A Year of Magic” which is a planner, journal, and goal setting workbook all in one. Janelle has been married for 8 years, is mama to two amazing littles who are 6 & 4, and when she isn’t on the yoga mat can be found riding her horse Callie, tending to her garden & her chickens, walking her two rescue dogs or spending time with her family! She is so excited to bring yoga to women, mothers and children and is looking forward to teaching mindfulness on and off the mat.