8" Nepalese Handmade Singing Bowl
8" Nepalese Handmade Singing Bowl
8" Nepalese Handmade Singing Bowl

8" Nepalese Handmade Singing Bowl

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8" Moon singing bowl set, comes with Silk Cushion (color of cushion my vary),  wooden striker with swede and gong striker to give you more smoother tone. Some have writing emboss on the side and some do not. Each and every bowl is an individual piece. 


Our Nepalese singing bowls come from a small village just outside of Katmandu known for its metalwork craftsmanship. Singing bowls have been made by hand there for centuries, though only in the last century or so have they been used for healing. Originally these bowls were used as travel bowls used for food or water. They are durable and easy to clean and care for.

The seven metal mixture of bronze, copper, tin, zinc, iron, silver and gold create a frequency that resonates with our alpha, theta, and delta brain waves helping us drop into deep meditative states. These resonances also vibrate with the same frequencies generated by the Earth’s electromagnetic field. This harmony between body, brain, Earth, and bowl is felt as we relax into their sound-vibration feeling our deep connection with nature. Just as with the sound of “Ohm,” our singing bowls bring us into vibrational harmony with all living things.

We recommend you listen to several singing bowls and chose a frequency that resonates with you.

How to Play:

To Play Singing Bowl-place the singing bowl on your palm and make less contact with your skin as possible, let the bowl sits freely(that does not grab the bowl with your finger) when you place the bowl on your palm (smaller bowl better on fingers) Gently hit the rim of the singing bowl and gently go around outside the singing bowl around the edge, keep little pressure on a stick (that is pushing towards the bowl little more than just touching) while going around the bowl

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