New Years Eve Pelvic Bowl Journey! Sat, Dec 31st @ 2:00-4:30PM
New Years Eve Pelvic Bowl Journey! Sat, Dec 31st @ 2:00-4:30PM
New Years Eve Pelvic Bowl Journey! Sat, Dec 31st @ 2:00-4:30PM

New Years Eve Pelvic Bowl Journey! Sat, Dec 31st @ 2:00-4:30PM

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"A New Year's Afternoon Exploring our Feminine Landscape, releasing the old and setting new intentions for the New Year to Come" 
Women's Class only
Sat, Dec 31st @ 2:00-4:30PM
Please come join Esther Shilo from The Netherlands, as she guides us into our body and into our Pelvic Bowl and Womb Clearing Journey. A beautiful way to release old patterns or energy and set the fertile ground in your Pelvic Bowl and Womb, also known as your "Feminine Landscape". Our Pelvic Bowl gives home to our abdomen, our bladder, and our pelvic bowl muscles and ligaments, but also to our Ovaries and our Womb. When we learn to connect with these parts of our Body, we are also connecting with the parts of ourselves that innately Know, Create, and are able to truly Manifest. Our Pelvic Bowl is the 'Center of our Being', literally, and is a very important part of our Being and also our Well Being and Vitality. Yet not for everyone this part of our body is considered a joyful or 'vital' place to be with or in. 
The reasons for this will vary, and all have validity to them. And as we learn to unravel the mysteries of our Pelvic Bowl and in particular the mysteries of our Womb Space and Ovaries, a lot tends to happen and shift for a Woman. The results are a deeper sense of Self, a more natural way to feel our boundaries (and so being more comfortable in for example saying No or Yes), and also an Inner Knowing that seems to awaken within herself when she consciously connects with her Pelvic Bowl. This Knowing was always there, yet was simply not heard and listened to before. And so this "place down under" is actually quite important and pretty powerful to connect with.
"I hope you will join me as I will guide you through some Gently Yoga, talk about why connecting with our Pelvic Bowl and Womb/Ovaries is such a great idea, and then I will help guide you through a "Pelvic Bowl / Womb Journey'' where you can gently and safely connect and release. We will end this Journey with a 'setting of new intentions' through your own Pelvic Bowl for the New Year to come. 
You will feel relaxed and grounded afterward. Also, know that this area is a powerful area of your body, but also a  vulnerable one. We hold a lot in our pelvis, womb and ovaries, so 'stuff may come up'... and guess what, this is okay. I will be able to hold space for this, and I will give you guidelines and little suggestions as we go along this Journey together. It is a most Sacred Journey, a great passion of mine to share with other women, and I know from experience and from many others, that it will leave you feeling rested, full, open, soft, and ready to step into the New Year with clarity and focused intention.
This will be a safe Circle for all Women to join, and perhaps some of you may, or may not have a physical womb/ovary(ies), but please know that the "Energetic Organ Imprint" is still there, and therefore all her Magic as well!  These journeys help support you in becoming more aware of your Body, the power of your Center, and who you Are. And we know, there where focus and intent go, energy follows.."
We look forward to Being with you, 

PS: No prior experience is needed. Just a desire to connect with your body and your pelvic bowl. Curiosity is welcome! 

What to bring: 
Please bring a soft pillow to place under your knees for when you lay down, and perhaps also one for your head. We have blankets onhand if you prefer. Bring a water bottle and a small item you'd like to place on the altar that represents you. Wear some comfy clothes and WARM SOCKS!! We can't wait to meet you!

Prior to joining:
See if you have a moment to think on what you'd like to release. This can be letting go of an old project, a relationship that has run its course, old patterns or habits that no longer serve you... or any other thing that springs to mind that you feel 'you no longer need and now is the time to let go'... we will then bring in the 'new' energy, what YOU want to focus on, and will allow that to have a sacred place inside our body/womb space.

What to bring:

  • Water bottle
  • Change of clothes after the sauna if you'd like. We provide hand towels

This event is non-refundable. You are always welcome to gift it to someone should you not be able to attend. 

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