Chakra Stones Set
Chakra Stones Set
Chakra Stones Set
Chakra Stones Set

Chakra Stones Set

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Chakras are commonly known in holistic philosophy as the balls of energy within the body that cannot be seen with the physical eye. The seven main chakras are located from the base of the spine, running upwards to the crown of the head and each one has different characteristics that influence the energy levels of the body. Bring your body back to its natural state of balance and enhance spiritual healing with Mygas Chakra Stones set.

All Myga items are consciously packed in ecofriendly materials without plastic. Ideal for holistic practitioners, reiki therapists, energy healers or anyone looking for beautiful props to help alleviate stress or complement meditation practices.

The Myga Chakra Stones set can be used directly on the body by placing each stone to its correspondent chakra, in meditation practices all together or individually, in holistic healing sessions or you can simply allow your intuition to guide you and find your way to practice with them.


- 7 natural stones 

- Carrying Bag

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